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Welcome to Lather & Co.’s Love Me Gently self-care pop-up event! This event is meant to be a collective of vendors whose primary focus is mental, physical, spiritual, financial and emotional self-care. In preparation for the Love Me Gently Pop-Up, we would like to share a few details to make your experience enjoyable and successful. Please make sure that you read the entire document  as you will be responsible for following all guidelines.


Date:  April 2nd 8am – 2pm

Location:  10709 Plano Rd., Suite 200 Dallas, TX  75238


8:00-8:15am             Guided Meditation

8:15-8:45am              Yoga

9:00-9:45am             Hip Hop Workout

9:00-10:00am          Vendor Set-up

10:00am-2:00pm    Shopping hours


Shopping hours: 10am – 2pm. Vendor set up begins at 8:45. We strongly encourage vendors to sale during the entire shopping event. Staff will not be available to help set up, if additional people are needed for set up, please plan accordingly.


Application:  To ensure we are providing our attendees the best shopping experience; we require an application and photos of previous pop-up shops.  If you have never done a pop-up, a hand drawn schematic of what you plan your space to look like is acceptable.  Vendor fees will not be charged until vendor has been approved.

Space Reservation: There is a $75 non-refundable vendor fee. Your space will not be held until application is approved AND all fees are paid. 

Space Details: Vendor space will be approximately 10x10. Vendors will be provided one (1) 6ft table and two (2) chairs.  If additional tables are needed, vendors may rent additional tables for $25. Vendor may build additional product displays as long as all items fit within 10x10 space. If additional space is needed, an additional fee of up to $50 will be assessed.  Electricity may be provide if requested in advance for no additional charge.

Unloading and loading: All vendors will unload in the back of the building prior to the start of the event.  All vehicles must be moved to parking area for the duration of the event.  All vendors will reload in the same manner as the unload.  We ask that vendor space is left in the same condition as it was assigned.

Licensing/Insurance: All vendors are responsible for providing all applicable licenses and insurance for your products and services.  Lather & Co. will not be responsible for any damages incurred by the vendor during this event.  If damages occur to the space because of an action of the vendor, the cost incurred by Lather & Co. for cleaning/repair will be passed to the vendor.

Demonstrations:  We encourage our vendors to be as interactive as possible.  If you would like to offer demonstrations, mini-workshops, readings, etc., vendor may charge a nominal fee for these demonstrations. Please let us know by providing details in your application regarding timing, services provided, etc. This will help us determine the layout of the event.

Special Orders: If you offer custom or special orders during the event, you must clearly outline the expected delivery time to attendee. Lather & Co. will not be responsible for promises of services/products made to attendees.


Marketing: Marketing for the event will begin 4 weeks prior to the event, with additional marketing and advertising beginning the week before. We will be using the hashtag #lovemegently. Digital photos (high resolution) can be submitted for advertising.  All vendors may share any marketing materials created by Lather & Co. on there own marketing funnels. 

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All vendors will be provided one table and two chairs. Select other requirements.

Thanks for completing your application! We'll get back to you soon.

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